Leaving the stone age construction behind.

Leko is a tech-company committed to reinvent the construction process for next generation buildings.

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Plans analyse and Production of walls off-site

3D printing as seen by Leko


Digital Manufacturing Equipment®

The DME (Digital Manufacturing Equipment®) technology developed by Leko guarantees the fast, efficient and precise production of each construction element. Thanks to the distribution algorithms and the software solution developed by Leko, any architectural plan can be made into Leko panels in a few minutes by a robot, with the same calculation and manufacturing accuracy as a Swiss watch. In other words, each unit is made in serial production thanks to the principles of 3D printing.


3x faster


3x stronger


LENOZ© Ready

Others break

Leko is strong, and stays strong.

CLT - Cross Laminated Timber
MOB - Timber frame

The structural resilience tests carried out at the Leko-Labs® research centre have shown resistance that is three times higher than that of timber frame. Multiplication of the resistance coefficient thanks to the "multi-layered" Leko© structure that integrates insulations features. Breathable technology thaht naturally manages moisture transfer for a healthy atmosphere.

Mechanical tests LekoLabs

All others waste space

Leko composite structure is 40% thinner.

The Leko constructive system is 40% thinner than a classic wall with the same properties, allowing 5 to 10% more additional surface to be gained on the ground.

Compare leko®

See why Leko structure is better.

power Energy efficiency
floors Multi-story building
carbon-print Carbon footprint
space-savings Space saving
time-savings Quick delivery on-site
recyclable Highly recyclable
concrete-table Concrete
clt-table CLT
wood-table Timber frame
leko-table leko®

    Profit on your real estate project

    With Lekolabs.

    Single-family home
    250 m² 5.664 €/m²
    Gain 30.800 €
    2.500 m² 6.093 €/m²
    Gain 361.625 €
    10.000 m² 5.055 €/m²
    Gain 927.500 €

      Profit on your real estate project

      With Lekolabs

      * profit estimation on your real estate project with Leko

      “ Construction becomes
      child’s play again “

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