We are builders. And we live to build better homes and make the Earth a better place to live. From where we come, houses are built just as in the age of cathedrals, stacking stones one on top of the other. But where we go, we use the force of nature and genius of human beings to manufacture buildings that last, empowering people’s lives. We are Leko. And we are on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable housing. We are committed to revolutionising the way buildings are created by applying technology to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional construction. We won’t stop until we see beautiful, smart and sustainable construction everywhere.

The Leko Family

The Leko Family

They change the world!



Head of Technical, Engineering and Design
Anton is a Star Wars fan and joined Leko to reverse the force in the construction galaxy. Peaceful strategist and warrior engineer, Anton is spider in the Leko web, connecting all the departments, with 3D CAD & Engineering at its center. Before Leko, Anton worked as Project Manager and Head of Design in many different industries. He graduated in Glasgow with a Masters Degree in Product Design and Engineering.
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Founder, CEO
François is born to build. He is obsessed by construction and making things since his childhood. At Leko, he’s in charge of product, design and sales.

Before Leko, François was a member of an architectural firm. He has spent 3 years discovering the best solutions all over Europe. François graduated in engineering sciences and in timber construction.




Office Manager
Marie is the multitasking caregiver. Beyond keeping Leko's administration in good shape, her real strength is to build and maintain lasting customer relationships. In other words: She knows how to make friends and to scare off enemies. Before joining Leko, Marie graduated with a BBA from an American university, lived in NYC, and worked in fields as various as business development, logistics, customer relations and also... chocolate-making!


Head of Operations
René is an entrepreneur, with 25-year-experience and success in the field of sustainable construction. He managed every aspect of custom design and building operations, leading construction projects with budgets exceeding $3.5M. Before Leko, René was Production Manager at I-Cubed, and advanced automation innovator. Previously he was investor and Operations Manager at Cleanfield Energy, the pioneer start-up for vertical axis wind turbines.

    ” If we built aircraft like
    we build houses they would never fly.
    Maybe it’s time that changed... ”

    François Cordier
    Founder of Leko